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Bearhog Gaming!

2013-07-29 03:28:39 by BodiesOfStanley

What can I say? It's time for us to join the "Let's Play Action" that all the kids have been getting all hibbly gibbly about. Hopefully we can bring something to the table you all will like.

Bearhog Gamming 1

Bearhog Gaming!

Its been Forever!

2012-02-19 03:09:29 by BodiesOfStanley

Hello Newgrounds!

I know I know where the fuck have we been for ... 4 or 5 years. Well fuck you that's where! for those of you who dont know us we were the ones that made The Most Horrible Story Ever

and guess what we've made a sound board for it too!

and remember if you click the ads on either of these submissions YOU GET A FREE PUPPY/UNICORN/MONKEY!